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Laser Dentistry
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Dental Laser tool used at Thiells Dentist - Michael Bleyzer, DDS in Pomona, NYLaser dentistry is one of the most critical advances in our profession. We use it on several procedures such as root canals and dental fillings, but it can be beneficial to shorten treatment times and help with patient comfort. Here at Thiells Dentist - Michael Bleyzer, DDS, we use this vital tool dozens of times during a day, and our patients benefit from it regularly.

What is Laser Dentistry?

We have been using laser dentistry for decades, and you may have been the beneficiary of this technology during a prior visit to our office. Lasers help us keep our dental procedures less invasive than traditional treatments.

Laser dentistry can be used to remove tissue in certain situations and to seal the tooth when applying fillings or after a root canal. We also use lasers to remove benign growths inside the mouth and during teeth whitening treatments. Laser dentistry is ideal when treating your children who may be afraid of the drilling sound of dental tools.

How We Use Laser Dentistry

Most patients who have been to our office for treatments have probably received some form or another of laser dentistry. We use this technology for routine things like cavity fillings or root canals when we set the sealants permanently. The laser helps the filling material bond to the teeth and harden.

There are many other ways in which we use laser dentistry including:
•  Gum disease treatment
•  Root canal treatment
•  Canker sore or cold sore treatments
•  Gum grafting
•  Wisdom teeth surgery
•  Sleep apnea treatment
•  Biopsies

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is extremely useful in helping us keep the patient comfortable and relaxed. Using a laser can replace the need to use traditional dental tools which are intimidating and scary to many patients, especially those with dental anxiety and young children.

This technology sometimes reduces the need for stitches after oral surgery, reducing the healing time for some procedures. Laser dentistry can also eliminate the need for local anesthesia in some cases. Moreover, the laser can reduce infection risks and keep damage to the gums at a minimum. In general, when using laser dentistry, the loss of blood during surgery is diminished because a laser is less invasive.

Types of Laser Dentistry

The mouth is made of hard and soft tissue. Laser dentistry can be used for both your teeth and other soft tissue such as the gums or lips.
•  Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry. Using lasers on teeth is extremely precise, and it can cut through the hard tissue that needs to get repaired. Lasers are used to reshape the teeth and prepare them for other dental procedures such as dental crowns or fillings. They can also be used to detect cavities and to help reduce teeth sensitivity.
•  Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry. We use this type of laser in procedures such as crown lengthening, removing tongue attachments to improve speech, and other cosmetic treatments. Using soft tissue laser dentistry reduces bleeding and recovery times for procedures.

If you have any additional questions about laser dentistry, be sure to call Thiells Dentist - Michael Bleyzer, DDS at (845) 429-8060 today.
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