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Woman in dental chair ready for her exam with  Having regular dental exams is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. When you come in to see us twice a year, we can diagnose and treat a condition early and without the added cost of additional procedures.

At Thiells Dentist - Michael Bleyzer, DDS we are always ready to see you even if you have not been to our office in months or years.

The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

Dental exams are a preventive measure, and its goal is the early detection of conditions such as cavities to avoid more extensive problems in the future. When caught early, successfully treating cavities to prevent further decay is easier than waiting until the problem grows worse.

Another benefit of dental exams is the detection of severe disease such as oral cancer. Every time you come to visit us, our dentist will do a complete visual examination of your oral cavity. If you have any of the risk factors for oral cancer, we will do a more in-depth examination of your mouth, gums, cheeks, palate, the floor of the mouth, and tongue. We can also teach you how to do a self-examination at home.

Dental exams also reduce the need for long treatments. When we catch a cavity early the process to fill that cavity is short and less uncomfortable for the patient, then when the time has passed, and the decay has progressed. Cavity prevention is one of our primary goals and the key to avoiding more severe conditions that can affect the root of the tooth.

Advantages of Dental Exams

There are many advantages to having regular dental exams, among them:
•  Keeping your mouth healthy
•  Preventing cavities
•  Preventing serious disease such as oral cancer
•  Preventing gum disease
•  Saving money
•  Shorter appointments
•  Getting x-rays to detect potential hidden issues
•  Getting regular dental cleanings

How Dental Exams Work

When you come in for a dental exam, the process will depend on how much time has passed since your last visit. In general, if you keep your regular appointments, twice a year, have no underlying conditions, and good oral health, your appointment will be relatively short.

A dental exam may include:
•  Dental x-rays: Depending on your overall oral health and the length of time since you last came in we may order a full set of x-rays.
•  Oral cavity visual examination: Anytime you come in for a dental exam, we do a thorough examination of your oral cavity and look for anything abnormal.
•  Fillings: If you have cavities you will need them to get filled, which could happen at the same appointment or a future one.
•  Cleaning: Having your teeth professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar will keep them healthy.

If you haven’t been to see us for a while, we are happy to welcome you back or receive you as a new patient. Please let us know if you are anxious about dental procedures and we will make sure you are comfortable and feel no pain. Call Thiells Dentist - Michael Bleyzer, DDS at (845) 429-8060 to make an appointment for a dental exam today.
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